About US

We are Kingtra Enterprises, an established Singaporean firm that was incorporated in 1978. Since then, we have provided quality bedding products to leading departmental stores nationwide. We also have an international presence with partners in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and many more. From pillows to quilts and even bolsters, we can cater to your every need.

Our Vision

To stay true to our company's slogan
~ Enjoy Good Sleep Every Night ~

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide premium bedding products that allow customers to look forward to sleeping comfortably every single night


Our premium brand, NatureGuard®, specialises in feather & down products. Treated with the Sanitized® hygiene function, you can be rest assured that all NatureGuard collections are more than clean. Our European Down series is what you would want for your loved ones.


Our flagship brand, Snowdown®, focuses on a wide range of bedding accessories, of which includes quilts, pillows, bolsters, toppers, protectors and blankets. Our products are filled with various fillings like feather & down, fibre, cotton, latex and memory foam.


With NatureBasics®, Kingtra provides a wide range of bedding products for your everyday needs at an affordable price. Founded in 1994, we have since developed an extensive and high quality bedding collection to cater the needs of all individuals.


We spend 1/3 of our day sleeping. At Kingtra, we understand that sleep is important to our everyday health. With Dentons®, we want to provide you with bedding products that are catered to your health needs. From back pain to snoring, Dentons® has pillows with different sizes and contours to best cater to your needs.

International brands that we carry

Christian Fishbacher (Swtizerland)

Paradies (Germany)

Alastairs (New Zealand)

GreenFirst (New Zealand)